Oda Nobunaga and #Fuwanovel: A Play

Today’s chat log is brought to you by #Fuwanovel. Fuwa fuwa taimu~

For those who don’t know Fuwanovel, please read the Mission Statement. Done? Sure~

Anyway, you can tell from whatever Aaeru wrote that this site is The Pirate Bay for visual novels/eroge. The community is tight as hell. They like to RP and are close. There is a bizarre trend of confessional threads (thread got deleted/hidden so Repiphany screencapped it for me) where people say Fuwanovel saved their lives.

I like to blame Good-Haro for making me post this chat log. I’m trying to make my blog normal, man.

So someone from #TLWiki got messaged this petition. And a group of curious #TLWiki-ers entered the channel because a drama suddenly unfolded. Since I’m always on #Fuwanovel, I got the whole chat log. I’ve also added the beginning of the chat log to show how the community usually works and how surreal the tone shift is.

Naomii joined the chat room.
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[10:56pm] Naomii joined the chat room.
[10:57pm] Naomii was promoted to operator by Onee-chan.
[10:57pm] Naomii: Finally home >~<
[10:57pm] maou-san: Welcome home.
[10:57pm] Naomii: Thanks xD
[10:59pm] • hotsauce2000 pokes AxionAzure
[11:00pm] • Naomii pokes hotsauce2000
[11:00pm] • AxionAzure pokes Ophis-chan
[11:00pm] AxionAzure: welcome home Nao~
[11:00pm] ultimatejam joined the chat room.
[11:01pm] • Ophis-chan headbutts Zu-chan
[11:01pm] • Kuupai sighs
[11:01pm] hotsauce2000: Congratulations on the influx of FB likes, Naomii !
[11:01pm] Naomii: Aww thanks guys~! xD
[11:02pm] Naomii: I'm super excited about it too~!
[11:02pm] AxionAzure: why so violent Sioxz?
[11:02pm] Ophis-chan: i felt like it
[11:02pm] AxionAzure: sorry for using thy name over something so trivial
[11:06pm] Naomii: AxionAzure~
[11:07pm] Naomii: I need a nicknme for you.
[11:07pm] Nobunaga_Lavi: im told naomi wants to speak to me
[11:07pm] Naomii: Ah, wonderful Lavi.
[11:07pm] Naomii: Thank you so much for coming.
[11:07pm] Nobunaga_Lavi: please, no need to thank me
[11:07pm] AxionAzure: please Nao, call me Zu-chan
[11:08pm] Naomii: So, I've got a few things to say--they might take awhile between each while I type, but just bare with me.
[11:08pm] AxionAzure: it's what the closest do
[11:08pm] Naomii: (Okay Zu-chan~!)
[11:08pm] Wolfscythe: ;~;
[11:08pm] Wolfscythe: why Axi-kun...?
[11:08pm] AxionAzure: I like Scy-chan being the only one who calls me Axi-kun
[11:08pm] AxionAzure: makes Scy-chan stand out
[11:08pm] Naomii: Now, if I may ask, please.
[11:08pm] Naomii: Could everybody hold your heyboards steady for a bit.
[11:09pm] Naomii: Maybe take this to PMs.
[11:09pm] Naomii: Just sit and read.
[11:09pm] Kuupai made this room moderated for normal users.
[11:09pm] Naomii: Thank you so much, sorry for the trouble!
[11:09pm] Nobunaga_Lavi was granted voice by Kuupai.
[11:09pm] Naomii: Blah, I forgot you could do that xD
[11:09pm] Naomii: And I own my own IRC channel--well two--?!?!
[11:09pm] Naomii: This is blasphemy, I must study up on this more.
[11:10pm] Naomii: Anywho, with all playing aside.
[11:10pm] Naomii: So, I wanted to discuss some things, in the light; where every single person can see.
[11:10pm] Naomii: Fuwanovel is all about transparency, aren't we Lavi?
[11:10pm] Nobunaga_Lavi: youre really setting the stage, arent you sweetie
[11:10pm] Naomii: I am I am.
[11:11pm] Naomii: So, I'm going to talk for just a bit, then I'll hush, and ask for your answer.
[11:11pm] Naomii: I'll respect your time to speak if you respect mine.
[11:11pm] Naomii: Sound fair?
[11:11pm] Nobunaga_Lavi: that sounds equitable
[11:11pm] Naomii: Great; thanks for understanding.
[11:12pm] • Nobunaga_Lavi crosses her legs, sitting in a relaxed mannee
[11:12pm] Naomii: Okay, so, let me have some time to type.
[11:12pm] Naomii: Sorry, I'm not as fast as Trans or Madoka!
[11:13pm] zhurai: o,o
[11:21pm] • Nobunaga_Lavi takes a sip of her sparkling cider
[11:23pm] Naomii: Since Aaeru has been gone, a lot of things have happened. A lot of drama has gone down, and a lot of people were hurt from various things. Where the IRC is concerned, there's been a lot of disrespect, trolling, and rudeness as a whole. One month ago, I saw the crumbling state of Fuwanovel, and rushed in to protect the one thing that I find most important to me. I was voted into OP, a few people didn't like that--mostly you--, whi
[11:23pm] Naomii: ch is fine. I suffered a lot of pain from coming and doing that, and I'll just leave it at that--let's bury the past as much as our human natures will allow. For a month, I have worked myself IRL, and here, to the bone. I asked to have my hours at work cut from 35 to 14-15 a week so I could be here and not only keep Fuwanovel alive, but help it prosper in Aaeru-onee-sama's absence. If you haven't read it already, here's what Fuwa
[11:23pm] Naomii: novel has done for me, and what's contained in my heart: http://forums.fuwanovel.org/index.php?/topic/2508-a-synopsis-of-my-past-and-how-fuwanovel-saved-my-life/ Fuwanovel means more than anything else in my life. I'd give anything for it, because it saved my life, and that's not a joke. I'm trying my very hardest to help my family grow; I love my family, and I love you, Lavi. I've told you 1000 times that I believe in you, and I
[11:23pm] Naomii: believe that one day, you can become an OP by changing that spiteful heart that's in you, and showing us the loving heart that Fuwanovel--the hospital for the broken of heart--deserves. We're all broken people, Lavi; we all desperately search for our own salvation.
[11:23pm] Naomii: But this:
[11:23pm] Naomii: 22:36 - Shining Bind: Winter is coming
[11:23pm] Naomii: 22:37 - Kuupai: So~?
[11:23pm] Naomii: 22:38 - Shining Bind: glad to see you havent changed
[11:23pm] Naomii: 22:39 - Kuupai: What were you expecting?
[11:23pm] Naomii: 22:40 - Shining Bind: for you to learn your lesson
[11:23pm] Naomii: 22:40 - Kuupai: Erm?
[11:23pm] Naomii: 22:43 - Shining Bind: Brace yourself
[11:23pm] Naomii: 22:44 - Kuupai: Don't go doing anything awkward
[11:23pm] Naomii: 23:07 - Shining Bind is now Online.
[11:24pm] Naomii: 23:07 - Shining Bind: nothing awkward
[11:24pm] Naomii: 23:07 - Shining Bind: but Im about to shake things up
[11:24pm] Naomii: 23:08 - Shining Bind: I see you and the higher-ups are hand picking a team of new mods
[11:24pm] Naomii: 23:08 - Shining Bind: I also see that naomi (somehow) got her @ back
[11:24pm] Naomii: 23:09 - Kuupai: And if you really wanted to be one you wouldn't have pulled that mess you did before
[11:24pm] Naomii: 23:09 - Kuupai: That knocked out off the list entirely
[11:24pm] Naomii: 23:09 - Shining Bind: we'll see
[11:24pm] Naomii: 23:10 - Shining Bind: I was simply obligated to make contact with you
[11:24pm] Naomii: 23:11 - Shining Bind: to see if the forecoming actions would actually be nessecary
[11:24pm] Naomii: 23:11 - Kuupai: ....you do know this is why I won't make you one specifically, yes?
[11:24pm] Naomii: 23:11 - Kuupai: Stop being spiteful
[11:24pm] Naomii: 23:11 - Shining Bind: I've given you a few more benefits than tactically nessecary
[11:24pm] Naomii: 23:12 - Shining Bind: there's no spite
[11:24pm] Naomii: 23:12 - Kuupai: Then what do you call it?
[11:24pm] Naomii: 23:12 - Shining Bind: desire
[11:24pm] Naomii: 23:12 - Shining Bind: you see
[11:24pm] Naomii: 23:12 - Kuupai: Your "desire" is what's keeping you from getting it, you do know this right?
[11:24pm] Naomii: 23:13 - Shining Bind: and the forecoming actions
[11:24pm] Naomii: 23:13 - Shining Bind: those could be considered a threat
[11:24pm] Naomii: 23:14 - Kuupai: And you do know this isn't going to get you anywhere, yes?
[11:24pm] Naomii: 23:15 - Shining Bind: you see, I've made a lot of people aware of my very real grievences. and thier response to me is the chaos you now see. it will escelate or de-escelate depending on the success of my forecoming actions.
[11:24pm] Naomii: 23:15 - Shining Bind: I hate to tell you this. but a lot of people dont like the way you high-ups are operating
[11:24pm] Naomii: 23:15 - Kuupai: You say you're trying to help, when you're actually just making a mess of what you're trying to help with
[11:24pm] Naomii: 23:15 - Kuupai: And who, exactly?
[11:24pm] Naomii: 23:15 - Shining Bind: and if I fail to become a mod, they are prepared to walk away from #fuwanovel under my banner
[11:24pm] Naomii: 23:16 - Shining Bind: its an extreme course of action
[11:25pm] Naomii: [12:01:01 AM] Kuupai: 23:58 - Kuupai: Go poke your head in the IRC
[11:25pm] Naomii: 23:58 - Shining Bind: why?
[11:25pm] Naomii: 23:59 - Kuupai: So we can get this over with?
[11:25pm] Naomii: 23:59 - Shining Bind: nope
[11:25pm] Naomii: 23:59 - Shining Bind: not yet
[11:25pm] Naomii: 23:59 - Shining Bind: my pawns wont be set till tomorrown
[11:25pm] Naomii: 23:59 - Kuupai: Just go in the damn room already
[11:25pm] Naomii: 23:59 - Shining Bind: its "winter is coming"
[11:25pm] Naomii: 23:59 - Shining Bind: not "winter is here"
[11:25pm] Naomii: This kind of hate is tearing our family apart.
[11:25pm] Naomii: It's breaking my home into peices.
[11:25pm] Naomii: Your actions are breaking Fuwanovel's very core rules, and the rules of decency.
[11:25pm] Naomii: You've remained here this long because we all love you.
[11:25pm] solidbatman joined the chat room.
[11:25pm] solidbatman was promoted to operator by Onee-chan.
[11:26pm] Naomii: Today, we made an open group was made to discuss the issue of our dying IRC.
[11:26pm] Naomii: With Tay.
[11:26pm] Naomii: (Welcome Batman~!)
[11:26pm] solidbatman: oh.... crud
[11:26pm] Naomii: We had a vote.
[11:26pm] solidbatman left the chat room.
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[11:27pm] zhurai: o,o
[11:27pm] Repiphany joined the chat room.
[11:27pm] Naomii: http://gyazo.com/5ae78122036c884690f60c582882c359
[11:28pm] Naomii: http://gyazo.com/216f2eb3a382c6f09a78893706499d47
[11:28pm] Naomii: We made a unanimous decision, that, for the betterment of Fuwanovel, the three of us would be named OPs, and restore the sanctity of the IRC.
[11:29pm] Naomii: Wolf was added by Kuu because of her calm levelheadedness and clear, kind judgement.
[11:29pm] Naomii: You've, Sensei, hurt me, and some of my family dearly.
[11:29pm] Kuupai: And then removed because... well, she has reasons I'm assuming
[11:30pm] Naomii: I took a long walk home to think about all this seriously.
[11:30pm] zhurai: o..o
[11:30pm] Naomii: Fuwanovel's IRC will not be a place where such drama will take place.
[11:31pm] Naomii: The current OPs have the blessing from Tay, our leader.
[11:31pm] Naomii: We act on proper judgement and compassion.
[11:32pm] Naomii: Normally, for saying such stuff anywhere else, you'd be banned on the spot.
[11:32pm] Naomii: However, Kuu gave me his blessing to offer you the olive branch.
[11:33pm] Naomii: Please, we love you, support you, and want your happiness. I'm a human, and haven't been perfect, but I'm acting on my heart.
[11:33pm] Naomii: Stop this.
[11:33pm] Naomii: Stop helping cause the divide of our family.
[11:34pm] Naomii: What the OPs here right now say is non-negotiable. We're not a ragtag team of idiots: we have the full blessing of authority from Fuwanovel's highest current authority.
[11:35pm] Naomii: If I so as hear a peep of you continuing what you're doing, I will ban you from here permenantly; and there will be zero negotiation.
[11:36pm] Naomii: So please, take my olive branch; let's build our family together; I'm begging you. I don't want to fight, let's stop this, please?
[11:36pm] Naomii: It's your turn to speak now, please use it with compassion and love.
[11:37pm] Nobunaga_Lavi: first off I would like to think Kuu for following my predictions and bringing those logs to your attention
[11:38pm] Wahfuu joined the chat room.
[11:38pm] Kuupai: Well I can see this isn't going to go anywhere good
[11:38pm] Naomii: Kuu, it's her turn.
[11:38pm] Naomii: Please, give her the chance.
[11:39pm] Nobunaga_Lavi: now than........ where to begin
[11:39pm] Nobunaga_Lavi: your pleas sound a lot like threats
[11:40pm] Nobunaga_Lavi: "lavi, fall in line or you're out of here"
[11:40pm] Nobunaga_Lavi: i commend you for your intentions.
[11:41pm] Nobunaga_Lavi: the betterment of fuwanovel is a goal i believe we can all get behind
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[11:42pm] Amarin left the chat room. (Killed (NickServ (GHOST command used by Amaranthea)))
[11:43pm] Nobunaga_Lavi: one I'd like to fight for as well
[11:43pm] Nobunaga_Lavi: but there lies before me a battle that must be tended to first
[11:44pm] solidbatman: me?
[11:44pm] Nobunaga_Lavi: i wish, sweetie. it would be a far easier battle if it were you
[11:45pm] hayate135 joined the chat room.
[11:45pm] Nobunaga_Lavi: unfortunately, my battle is against the perceotions of me
[11:46pm] solidbatman: the what?
[11:46pm] solidbatman: speak anglish
[11:46pm] Nobunaga_Lavi: the perceptions held by yourself, kuu, and (to a lesser extent) tay
[11:46pm] zhurai: perceptions
[11:46pm] zhurai: prob
[11:46pm] solidbatman: OH!?
[11:47pm] Nobunaga_Lavi: my grievences stem from not being recognized for what I am, and what I want to do
[11:47pm] solidbatman: and whats that
[11:48pm] Nobunaga_Lavi: I am currently the villain of #fuwanovel
[11:48pm] Naomii: NO!
[11:48pm] Naomii: No you are not.
[11:48pm] Naomii: You absolutely are not.
[11:48pm] Nobunaga_Lavi: no different than oda nobunaga, who's ambitions tore japan apart durring the sengoku era
[11:49pm] Nobunaga_Lavi: please sweetie, my chance to speak
[11:49pm] Naomii: I hold you in the highest regard Lavi. I believe in you.
[11:49pm] solidbatman: 0.o
[11:49pm] Kuupai: If we really saw you as a villian, we wouldn't be trying to reason with you over something like t his
[11:49pm] Nobunaga_Lavi: I'll respect your time to speak if you respect mine.
[11:49pm] Nobunaga_Lavi: [00:11] Sound fair?
[11:50pm] Naomii: I'm very sorry.
[11:50pm] Naomii: Please forgive me.
[11:50pm] Nobunaga_Lavi: i have been been made to feel like a villain in a place I hold very dear
[11:50pm] • solidbatman yawns
[11:51pm] solidbatman: why is there even an issue
[11:51pm] Cystella joined the chat room.
[11:51pm] Cystella was granted voice by Onee-chan.
[11:52pm] Nobunaga_Lavi: but because of certain biases and perceotions, I have to fight fiercely
[11:52pm] Memento_Mori joined the chat room.
[11:52pm] solidbatman: you are really weird
[11:53pm] Nobunaga_Lavi: against Kuu's perceptions of me as a spiteful emotional woman unfit to lead
[11:53pm] solidbatman: or maybe you arent a part of the greater fuwanovel community?
[11:53pm] Nobunaga_Lavi: against naomii's perceotions of me as a spitefull homewrecker
[11:53pm] solidbatman: like, you arent on the forums
[11:53pm] solidbatman: you dont post news
[11:53pm] solidbatman: you are just in the irc channel
[11:53pm] solidbatman: which is tiny
[11:53pm] solidbatman: compared to fuwanovel as a whole
[11:54pm] Nobunaga_Lavi: in my attempts to combat these perceotions, I have prepared something
[11:54pm] solidbatman: Lavi, you are making a big deal out of nothing
[11:54pm] Nobunaga_Lavi: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/lavi_pc/signatures
[11:54pm] solidbatman: your act is old, tiring, and negative
[11:54pm] solidbatman: for fucks sake
[11:55pm] Nobunaga_Lavi: my feelings are that I would make a damn good moderator.
[11:55pm] solidbatman: you would suck
[11:55pm] Kuupai: And your actions show the complete opposite
[11:56pm] Nobunaga_Lavi: many people can see that, as indicsted by the population of that list
[11:58pm] Nobunaga_Lavi: this was my secret weapon in the fight to be recognized no by the perceotiond that bind me, but by credentials plainly stated and number that cannot be denied
[11:58pm] Kuupai: Lavi, stop beating around the bush and make your point
[11:58pm] zhurai: .
[11:59pm] Nobunaga_Lavi: but in listening to you tonight, I realize
[11:59pm] skiddiks joined the chat room.
[11:59pm] solidbatman: cant we just ban her now?
[11:59pm] Naomii: NO
[11:59pm] solidbatman: shes divisive
[11:59pm] Naomii: Give her a bit more time please.
[12:00am] Naomii: Maybe she has more to say.
[12:00am] solidbatman: shes ignored all of us
[12:00am] zhurai: ...
[12:01am] Nobunaga_Lavi: Ive done a lot more than anyone who was simply hand-picked by the current "regime"
[12:01am] solidbatman: fuck you
[12:01am] Nobunaga_Lavi: forgive me, i let emotion slip into my speech
[12:01am] Naomii: Lavi, when nobody signed up to join the Facebook team, I cried my heart out and Nayleen comforted me.
[12:01am] hayate135 joined the chat room.
[12:01am] Nobunaga_Lavi: let me rephrase
[12:02am] Naomii: I've been giving a lot of myself to Fuwanovel.
[12:02am] usagi joined the chat room.
[12:02am] Nobunaga_Lavi: in my desire to become a mod, Ive done things that werent demanded of others
[12:02am] solidbatman: just give her my status
[12:03am] Nobunaga_Lavi: of anyone picked today or in the past, how many have had to gather support via petition
[12:03am] solidbatman: and be done with this
[12:03am] Naomii made this room no longer moderated for normal users.
[12:03am] ultimatejam: can i talk now?
[12:03am] ultimatejam: oh good
[12:03am] Naomii: Sioxz wanted me to let you all talk.
[12:03am] Naomii: Please, give us your thoughts.
[12:03am] Rakushun: Where's the petition that says if Lavi is OP I'm leaving? Because I'll sign that one
[12:03am] flamingspinach: I feel like I joined this channel at an inopportune moment.
[12:03am] Kuupai: flamingspinach don't worry
[12:03am] solidbatman: you joined at the best possible moment
[12:03am] ultimatejam: solid needs to quit cussing lavi out and being rude. let her speak. it's her time isn't it?
[12:04am] ultimatejam: i thought each of you had time to talk
[12:04am] maou-san: What the fuck is perceotion, please, please stop saying it.
[12:04am] Nobunaga_Lavi: if raw desire is ever to be commended, now is the time
[12:04am] Ophis-chan: flamingspinach, this is a time for change
[12:04am] ultimatejam: maou-san perception*
[12:04am] solidbatman: this is hopeless
[12:04am] solidbatman left the chat room. (Quit: Leaving)
[12:04am] Nobunaga_Lavi: in closing.
[12:04am] george105948 joined the chat room.
[12:04am] Nobunaga_Lavi: maybe Ive put too much stock in the title of mod
[12:05am] Memento_Mori joined the chat room.
[12:05am] Memento_Mori: Hey, can you all just kill yourselves?
[12:05am] Memento_Mori: Please?
[12:05am] Nobunaga_Lavi: but believe me when I say my intentions are nothing but good
[12:05am] ultimatejam: Memento_Mori or you could?
[12:05am] Naomii: Can you accept my olive branch and bury this then?
[12:05am] Memento_Mori: http://pastebin.com/XgKXCcTB
[12:05am] Naomii: Please?
[12:05am] rankendrake: test test
[12:06am] rankendrake: Oooh, it's working again
[12:06am] ultimatejam: they just did -m a min ago
[12:06am] Ophis-chan: i see no problem with this irc have been i agree with nao that Drama ain't good but it's something we can't get away from so why not have the drama and later does we all make upp like normal humans and become close like the family we are on IRC
[12:06am] Nobunaga_Lavi: but if they will simply be percived as vying for power and destroying fuwanovel, maybe its not me who needs to change
[12:06am] Memento_Mori: How can you guys possibly act like this? Aren't you guys ashamed?
[12:06am] Nobunaga_Lavi: maybe its you
[12:06am] Nobunaga_Lavi: I have concluded
[12:06am] sagematt joined the chat room.
[12:06am] Kuu joined the chat room.
[12:06am] Kuu was promoted to room founder by Onee-chan.
[12:06am] Kuu was promoted to operator by Onee-chan.
[12:06am] Nobunaga_Lavi: might I hear from you a firey rebuttle
[12:07am] Naomii: I can't do anymore at all.
[12:07am] Naomii: You just have so much hate in you Lavi.
[12:07am] Memento_Mori: [11:08pm] Wolfscythe: ;~;
[12:07am] Memento_Mori: [11:08pm] Wolfscythe: why Axi-kun...?
[12:07am] Memento_Mori: [11:08pm] AxionAzure: I like Scy-chan being the only one who calls me Axi-kun
[12:07am] Memento_Mori: [11:08pm] AxionAzure: makes Scy-chan stand out
[12:07am] Naomii: We want you in our family.
[12:07am] Naomii: I know you're a good person at heart.
[12:07am] AxionAzure: ?
[12:07am] Wolfscythe: hm? what is it Mori?
[12:08am] Memento_Mori: [11:25pm] Naomii: This kind of hate is tearing our family apart.
[12:08am] Memento_Mori: [11:25pm] Naomii: It's breaking my home into peices.
[12:08am] Memento_Mori: Do you guys feel ashamed of this?
[12:08am] Memento_Mori: You should.
[12:08am] Memento_Mori left the chat room.
[12:08am] zhurai: o.0
[12:08am] Nobunaga_Lavi: might I inturrupt to ask why the room-freeze has been lfted? and mid-my-speech no less?
[12:08am] Naomii: Please just drop the anger and just stop, please?
[12:08am] flamingspinach: by "room-freeze" do you mean +m
[12:08am] zhurai: yes that's what she means
[12:09am] zhurai: moderated mode*
[12:09am] Ophis-chan: a family can't always be happy all the time and it's the drama and hard things that keeps us close
[12:09am] skiddiks: why not just make everyone OP
[12:09am] Memento_Mori joined the chat room.
[12:09am] skiddiks: and have one big happy kazoku
[12:09am] skiddiks: (・‿・)
[12:09am] zhurai: we're dangos now?
[12:09am] Naomii: Skids xD
[12:09am] Cybersteel: .
[12:09am] Memento_Mori: I should just mention, the rest of IRC is laughing at all of you.
[12:09am] nayleen: Because you got nothing done with it, things aren't going to change and OP is non-negotiable for you. Have I made myself clear?
[12:09am] Nobunaga_Lavi: yes, thats what I mean. it seems to hace gotten quite noisy
[12:09am] Memento_Mori left the chat room.
[12:09am] nayleen: I'm done talking about this.
[12:09am] Naomii: I'm sorry...
[12:10am] Naomii: I did everything I could.
[12:10am] Naomii: Lavi, I hereby ban you from #fuwanovel permenantly.
[12:10am] ultimatejam: =(
[12:10am] flamingspinach: wao
[12:10am] Naomii set a ban on *!*Lavi@Rizon-A7612B29.nycmny.fios.verizon.net.
[12:10am] Nobunaga_Lavi was kicked from the chat room by Naomii. (Nobunaga_Lavi)
[12:10am] • skiddiks cries
[12:10am] Naomii set a ban on Lavi_PC!*@*.
[12:10am] maou-san: That was a little exessive...
[12:10am] airco joined the chat room.
[12:10am] maou-san: excessive*
[12:10am] Ophis-chan: i wonder why ban lavi though
[12:10am] Rakushun: No it wasn't, she's done this shit before
[12:10am] Naomii set a ban on Lavi_PC_!*@*.
[12:10am] Wahfuu: victorious leader is triumph
[12:10am] ultimatejam: fuck this place
[12:10am] zhurai: she's done this like 2-3+ times already
[12:11am] AxionAzure: I'll stay neutral as I always have
[12:11am] Naomii set a ban on _lavi_PC!*@*.
[12:11am] Naomii set a ban on *!*@Xerochaser..
[12:11am] hotsauce2000: What I don't get
[12:11am] rusanon: Naomii: you could just use wildcard for nick, I believe
[12:11am] zhurai: I'm just tired about all this
[12:11am] hotsauce2000: Is why Memeonto_Mori randomly pops in and is mean for no apparent reason
[12:11am] flamingspinach: is this channel always this full of drama
[12:12am] Kuu: flamingspinach no
[12:12am] ultimatejam: hotsauce2000 he/she is an idiot
[12:12am] hotsauce2000: flamingspinach: First I've seen of it
[12:12am] Rakushun: Only when Lavi doesn't get her way
[12:12am] AxionAzure: not really
[12:12am] nayleen: Nope, only when Lavi is aspiring for OP
[12:12am] Ophis-chan: no it ain't but it happens some times
[12:12am] Naomii: Disrespecting OPs is not permitted.
[12:12am] zhurai: hotsauce2000: never seen that nick before. ever.
[12:12am] Cybersteel: I'm the first victim D:
[12:12am] Kuu: Now then
[12:12am] Memento_Mori joined the chat room.
[12:12am] hotsauce2000: zhurai: Me neither but sure seems like a giant asshole
[12:12am] maou-san: What did you find so offensive?
[12:12am] Kuu: If anyone has any issues with the current moderator/admin set, come talk to me
[12:12am] Memento_Mori: I'm not mean, I'm realistic.
[12:12am] Naomii set a ban on *!*I_am@lewd.lewd.lewd.lewd.
[12:12am] Memento_Mori was kicked from the chat room by Naomii. (Memento_Mori)
[12:12am] hotsauce2000: Thank you, Naomii
[12:12am] AxionAzure: lol
[12:12am] ultimatejam: indeed
[12:12am] ultimatejam: Thank you
[12:13am] Naomii: Anybody else?
[12:13am] rankendrake: I think I just exceeded my drama quota for the day...
[12:13am] zhurai: obviously now it's someone that's also in the channel right now and just trying to do a stupid 2nd account?
[12:13am] zhurai: er
[12:13am] zhurai: login
[12:13am] Wolfscythe: you know, i like a lot of people in here, but i'm tired.... see you around, though i don't think here
[12:13am] Naomii: I'm so sorry for this guys.
[12:13am] Wolfscythe left the chat room.
[12:13am] hotsauce2000: Naomii: No need to front :(
[12:13am] Naomii: Thank you so much for putting up with this.
[12:13am] ultimatejam: im alright since you kicked mori
[12:13am] Naomii: Naomii: No need to front :(
[12:13am] Naomii: I'm sorry.
[12:13am] ultimatejam: it'd be nice to get solid as well but this was good enough
[12:13am] Naomii: At this point, I'm on autopilot.
[12:14am] maou-san: I really don't know about that move, Naomii.
[12:14am] sagematt: It's kind of fucking amazing how a site whose only purpose is pirating japanese intellectual property has become a place where suicidal autists like yourselves lick each other's wounds. And I see nothing wrong with people supporting each other, but you guys take your retardation to a whole new level, it actually makes it clear that you were right all along in wanting to off yourselves.
[12:14am] Ophis-chan: well this irc is going in a way i do not agree with i must say
[12:14am] Kuu: sagematt what?
[12:14am] Naomii set a ban on *!*john@faps.to.traps.
[12:14am] sagematt was kicked from the chat room by Naomii. (sagematt)
[12:14am] DeltaCake joined the chat room.
[12:14am] Kuu: How many people did she drag into this?
[12:14am] Naomii: It's okay to discuss this intelligently.
[12:14am] Naomii: It really is.
[12:15am] Naomii: Just let's knock off with derailing each other.
[12:15am] Good_Haro joined the chat room.
[12:15am] Kuu: ....
[12:15am] Rakushun: Fuck off, assholes
[12:15am] Ophis-chan: really this makes me really mad now kicking people that have diffrent view then uss
[12:15am] _hayate135 joined the chat room.
[12:16am] Naomii: Let's talk about it then.
Naomii: This drama is over tonight.
[12:16am] Naomii: So let's handle it now.
[12:16am] Naomii: What can we do better?
[12:16am] skiddiks: speaking english
[12:16am] ultimatejam: Stop making your donwloads pre-patched
[12:16am] katawaland joined the chat room.
[12:16am] Naomii: How much more grace can we give without our IRC becoming hell?
[12:16am] maou-san: Can we at least hear your reasoning on the ban on Lavi?
[12:16am] Ophis-chan: well i said all my main point in the PM this is a sanctuary
[12:16am] ultimatejam: oh you mean the channel
[12:16am] ultimatejam: nvmnd
[12:16am] Naomii: LOL Jam~
[12:16am] Naomii: Take that up in the forums xD
[12:17am] ultimatejam: what it's true
[12:17am] ultimatejam: i like the original stuffand patching it myself
[12:17am] Naomii: LOL I wrote an extensive article on that~!
[12:17am] hayate135 left the chat room. (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[12:17am] Rakushun: Hmm, I wonder why we would ban someone who has sock puppets come in here and tell suicide survivors to kill themselves
[12:17am] ultimatejam: heh, ill go check it out
[12:17am] nayleen: We've got the links for that
[12:17am] katawaland: 貴方のばか
[12:17am] Rakushun: She's fucking scum
[12:17am] _hayate135: hi im sry i joined at rong time but i hear this is place 4 healing hearts
nayleen: Torrent the game + patch and you're set
[12:17am] Memento_Mori joined the chat room.
[12:17am] Memento_Mori: I have nothing to do with your drama, I just want all of you to kill yourselves.
[12:17am] Memento_Mori left the chat room.
[12:17am] Kuu: ....
[12:17am] ultimatejam: okay why can't naomii ban that guy?
[12:17am] _hayate135: my itai kokoro is pained from years of tuff time so if its cool wit u guys id like 2 stay here 4 bit
[12:18am] ultimatejam: all he's doing is coming in here, insulting everyone, then leaving
[12:18am] Kuu: IP bans are annoying to handle
[12:18am] ultimatejam: ban his name?
Naomii set a ban on Memento_Mori!*@*.
[12:18am] ultimatejam: Thanks
[12:18am] Naomii: I did once.
[12:18am] Kuu: You can always variate a name
[12:18am] ultimatejam: well ban the IP then too
ultimatejam: he'll give up eventually
[12:18am] Naomii: Kuu, I'm not owner, so I can't.
[12:18am] katawaland: I was going to kill myself because my mom took away my allowance
[12:18am] ultimatejam: it takes more to make new names and come in than it does for someone to type a line that bans
[12:18am] katawaland: but then
[12:18am] DeltaCake left the chat room. (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[12:18am] Kuu: All of a sudden you're trying to ban every possible combination and it's time consuming
[12:18am] katawaland: i found fuwanovel
[12:18am] katawaland: and read katawa shoujo
[12:19am] katawaland: it tought me the feels
[12:19am] katawaland: and i was saved
[12:19am] katawaland: praise jesus
[12:19am] Kuu: ...
[12:19am] ultimatejam: ill bet mori is responsible for all these people
[12:19am] Rakushun: Then you ban, Kuu
[12:19am] Rakushun: For fuck's sake
[12:19am] ultimatejam: i just asked lavi and she said she isnt having them come in
[12:19am] Kuu made this room invite only.
[12:19am] Naomii set a ban on *!*figland@Rizon-8849B358.ec.res.rr.com.
[12:19am] katawaland was kicked from the chat room by Naomii. (katawaland)
[12:19am] ultimatejam: mori is the one who would do this
[12:19am] Ophis-chan: katawaland, i don't know if you are joking or not but welcome i guess
[12:19am] Rakushun: She's full of shit
[12:19am] Kuu: Now no one gets in
[12:19am] Kuu: =w=
[12:19am] Rakushun: It's just coincidence we have a bunch of assholes come in at the moment she gets banned?
[12:19am] Naomii: Thanks Kuu.
[12:19am] Rakushun: Use your head
[12:19am] ultimatejam: Look at mori
[12:19am] Ophis-chan: well i am leaving this irc and well i won't come back
[12:19am] Naomii: Right Raku.
[12:20am] ultimatejam: he's the one who goes like "I DONT WANT TO BE HERE" right after signing in
[12:20am] Naomii: I'm pretty sure they're all her.
[12:20am] Ophis-chan left the chat room. (Quit: Lot's off Onee-samas awaits me)
[12:20am] nayleen: Good riddance, Shocks gone with Lavi?
[12:20am] nayleen: What did I do to deserve this gift?
[12:20am] ultimatejam: im honestly on her side with all of this, but i wont bring it up like "fuck you" or anything
[12:20am] shcboomer: Wait what the hell just happened while I was gone... ANd why did Sioxz leave too... I'm so confused.
[12:20am] ultimatejam: i think she is serious.... like i said, i find mori to be the more immature
[12:20am] Naomii: That's fine~
[12:20am] Naomii: You can have your opinions.
[12:20am] ultimatejam: shcboomer World War (IRC Edition)
[12:21am] Naomii: How is everybody liking Shinigami no Kiss so far?
[12:21am] ultimatejam: i have yet to download it.
[12:21am] ultimatejam: about 42% through the download
[12:21am] Naomii: You totally should =o

Naomii: @hotsauce2000
[12:26am] Naomii: Well...
[12:26am] Naomii: This has been a thing for over a month.
[12:26am] rankendrake: I'm new here. Could someone do a quick explanation wtf just went on up there? >_<
[12:27am] Naomii: All the OPs here have dealt with her rudeness for a long time.
[12:27am] Naomii: No matter how hard I tried to reason, beg, etc.
[12:27am] _hayate135 left the chat room. (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[12:27am] Naomii: She just keeps hating us, and causing problems.
[12:27am] hotsauce2000: Yes, me being relatively new I'm pretty confused too. I get the gist that she's the unruly kid type, but is she worse in the shadows than what is apparent in the regular open chat?
[12:27am] Naomii: Yes, unfortunately.
[12:28am] hotsauce2000: Okay, well that's a shame
[12:28am] Naomii: She's done plenty of horribly rude things behind people's backs.
[12:28am] Naomii: I'm so sorry for all this, but it had to be done.
[12:28am] hotsauce2000: Yes, I can understand that
[12:28am] rankendrake: check, Lavi appears here only on IRC? On FB as well? On the forums?
[12:29am] Naomii: Now that this has been settled, problems on #fuwanovel will become much more rare.
[12:29am] Naomii: check, Lavi appears here only on IRC? On FB as well? On the forums?
[12:29am] Naomii: Yes.
[12:29am] Naomii: (Let's avoid turning this into a Lavi bashing session. Our rule is to respect each other)
[12:29am] hotsauce2000: To be honest I've never even experienced any problems in the open before all this blew up. I thought this was a relatively relaxed place until this issue and the flood of assholes coming in and flaming
ultimatejam: i was fine until i saw mori in here
[12:30am] ultimatejam: luckily it's gone
Naomii: Mori was Lavi.
[12:30am] Naomii: ^^
[12:30am] hotsauce2000: Alright
[12:30am] nayleen: Mori is NOT Lavi
[12:30am] nayleen: You're gravely mistaken
[12:30am] Naomii: I'm wrong?
[12:30am] Naomii: I see...
[12:30am] nayleen: https://twitter.com/Memento_MoriEin
[12:30am] Naomii: I was convinced it was her.
Naomii: My mistake.
[12:31am] nayleen: Nope, TLWiki hate crew member.
[12:31am] hotsauce2000: What I don't understand is what this Mori person has against us all of a sudden?
[12:31am] zhurai: I don't really know much
[12:31am] Naomii: A lot of people hate Fuwanovel.
[12:31am] Naomii: A lot.
[12:31am] nayleen: "Nope, TLWiki hate crew member."
[12:31am] zhurai: all I know is that TLWiki hate Aaeru
[12:31am] zhurai: *hates
[12:31am] Naomii: Aaeru and this site: very controversial.
[12:31am] zhurai: Yeah.
[12:31am] hotsauce2000: Okay
[12:31am] rankendrake: Why?
[12:31am] zhurai: other than that no clue
rankendrake: What did you guys ever do to TLWiki?
[12:32am] Naomii: Well, who who's been here longer knows more than I?
[12:32am] Cybersteel: theres a long history about that
[12:32am] ultimatejam: yeah wth happened. i like tlwiki and fuwanovel
[12:32am] Naomii: CYBER~!
[12:32am] Kuu: It's more of a aaeru vs everyone else
[12:32am] Naomii: Perfect~!
[12:32am] zhurai: oh hai cyber
[12:32am] Kuu made this room no longer invite only.
[12:32am] Naomii: Cyber is the perfect person to explain this ^^
hotsauce2000: If you could elaborate that'd be great
[12:32am] hayate135 joined the chat room.
[12:32am] Cybersteel: Its been going on ever since before fuwanovel
[12:33am] flamingspinach: hey just to clear up some things
[12:33am] flamingspinach: someone from this channel mentioned in #tlwiki that weird things were happening in #fuwanovel
[12:33am] flamingspinach: so some of us from #tlwiki joined out of curiosity
[12:33am] Kuu: yes and you can all go insult us elsewhere
[12:33am] flamingspinach: I didn't say anything, I'm here in peace :/
[12:33am] ultimatejam: great. #tlwiki is full of people who just got banned form here
[12:33am] Cybersteel: i forgot whether kuu was with us when the site just started
[12:33am] Memento_Mori_Zwei joined the chat room.
[12:33am] Memento_Mori_Zwei: You guys suck at banning.
[12:33am] • Kuu was referring to the other possible..
[12:33am] Memento_Mori_Zwei: I am not Lavi either.
[12:34am] Kuu made this room invite only.
[12:34am] Rakushun: Nobody cares, fuck off
[12:34am] Memento_Mori_Zwei was kicked from the chat room by Kuu. (Memento_Mori_Zwei)
[12:34am] zhurai: zzz
[12:34am] Cybersteel: rusano might know too
shcboomer: So basically we can safely say that everything is back to normal? o.0
[12:35am] hotsauce2000: So Aeeru started a beef with someone from #tlwiki and the relationship just soured more and more over time?
[12:35am] Kuu: Nope
[12:35am] ultimatejam: hurray 23 minutes until i get shinigami no kiss
[12:35am] nayleen: Nope, shit blew way out of proportion again because of that stupid ban.
[12:36am] Cybersteel: moogy mostly
[12:36am] Wahfuu: aaeru has controversy in almost every corner of the VNTL scene, not just in tlwiki
[12:36am] Wahfuu: just to clear that up
[12:36am] Cybersteel: its always been like that
[12:36am] Cybersteel: since the Da Capo Incident of '04
[12:36am] hotsauce2000: But she isn't even here anymore, so I'm confused as to what it has to do with the rest of us?
[12:36am] Wahfuu: for a very long time yes
[12:36am] Naomii set a ban on Memento_Mori_Zwei!*@*.
[12:36am] zhurai: well about that
[12:36am] ultimatejam: thanks Naomii
[12:36am] ultimatejam: for that +b on him
[12:37am] zhurai: it won't completely solve it I'm just saying.
[12:37am] Naomii: Hai.
[12:37am] Naomii: Nothing's perfect.
[12:37am] zhurai: the ban would stop being effective once the +i stops
[12:37am] Cybersteel: i thought i solved everything when i sacrificed my status >_>
[12:37am] zhurai: uh... fuwanovel was what aaeru started, and depending on how much they hate aaeru that would proxy onto fuwanovel.
[12:37am] Cybersteel: ^
[12:37am] hotsauce2000: That seems incredibly childish
[12:37am] Naomii: Cyber...unfortunately, when old drama is gone, now drama comes in.
[12:38am] Naomii: That's the cycle of the world.
[12:38am] Naomii: Of wars, of family, of life.
[12:38am] Wahfuu: aaeru also has quite an extensive legion of people who support all her crazy batshit nonsense in fuwanovel
hotsauce2000: Okay
[12:38am] zhurai: That seems incredibly childish <-- when were people NOT childish?
[12:39am] Wahfuu: we dont just randomly all hate fuwanovel, hell i still post there occasionally and i know a couple cool people
[12:39am] Wahfuu: but fuwanovel has a bit of a rep because of their representation
[12:39am] hotsauce2000: Okay
[12:40am] hotsauce2000: I don't even know what all these supposed beefs are. Does anything come ot mind, Wahfuu ?
[12:40am] Cybersteel: i just wanted free stuff
[12:40am] rankendrake: wats the prob with fuwanovel then?
[12:40am] Cybersteel: not dorama
[12:40am] Naomii: LOL free stuff rules :3
[12:40am] Wahfuu: honestly it would take far too long to explain all the stuff aaeru has started, lol
[12:41am] hotsauce2000: Is there any core issue?
[12:41am] Cybersteel: i think theres a thread dedicated to the decade long tryst somewhere
[12:41am] Rakushun: From what I gather, the hate for Aaeru began when she found out she has a permanent illness and quit a TL project to reevaluate her priorities. In people's minds, this meant she could never TL anything ever agin
[12:42am] ultimatejam: what illness does she have? =(
[12:42am] Kuu: Lookslike Moogy's being silly again
[12:42am] flamingspinach: Kuu: Moogy's not even online right now
[12:42am] flamingspinach: fwiw
[12:42am] Kuu: 01:39:40 Oh by the way, Moogy put us up to this.
[12:42am] Kuu: 01:41:40 Yay for the GIFT?
Rakushun: Since she decided to TL something again, she must've faked her own death and she's the new internet Hitler
[12:42am] Wahfuu: raku that is barely the tip of the iceberg
[12:42am] Rakushun: Also, she's a libertarian and that also makes her hitler
[12:43am] Wahfuu: look at all the hilarious copyright preaches and conspiracy anarchy plots she puts together
[12:43am] flamingspinach: Kuu: uhh... yeah that's not true
[12:43am] • Kuu shrugs
[12:43am] Kuu: To be perfectly honest, I know almost nothing about the entire situation between aaeru and tlwiki
[12:43am] Wahfuu: anyways, thats the main goal; its basically everyone vs aaeru, just just tlwiki and moogy
[12:43am] Wahfuu: er, not goal, situatiomn
[12:43am] Rakushun: You're right, having an unorthodox political opinion is akin to being Hitler
[12:44am] ultimatejam: so now we're calling the fuwanovel founder hitler..
[12:44am] ultimatejam: im out
[12:44am] ultimatejam left the chat room. (out.)
[12:44am] Kasuteru: uh libertarians are not hitleresque
[12:44am] flamingspinach: what
[12:44am] Rakushun: I'm being very facetious
[12:44am] Rakushun: Gosh
[12:44am] flamingspinach: well if ultimatejam hadn't quit suddenly I would have pointed uot that Rakushun was highly being sarcastic
[12:44am] flamingspinach: *out
[12:44am] Naomii: Seems like Mori and his friend were from TLWiki.
[12:44am] Naomii: *friends
[12:44am] Naomii: Late much I guess?
[12:44am] Rakushun: What spinach said
[12:44am] flamingspinach: Naomii: yeah, I mentioned above
[12:45am] Cybersteel: destroying the ruling structure of the world, committee of 300, human regulation projects, mad scientist
[12:45am] rankendrake: Days like these remind me of the times before there were even wikis...
[12:45am] Naomii: Sorry, my head is spinning.
[12:45am] flamingspinach: some of us from #tlwiki came here out of curiosity when someone in #fuwanovel told us there was weird stuff happening in here
[12:46am] hotsauce2000: Oh well
[12:46am] Naomii: [1:43:57 AM] Kuupai: You're not doing anything aside from making shit worse
[12:46am] Naomii: [1:44:08 AM] Shining Bind: I beg to differ
[12:46am] Naomii: [1:44:25 AM] Kuupai: You stirred up something that came up long before I bought you into the channel
[12:46am] Naomii: [1:44:37 AM] Shining Bind: I gathered
[12:46am] Naomii: [1:44:48 AM] Shining Bind: I talked to some of the older heads in the group
[12:46am] Naomii: [1:45:31 AM] Kuupai: =\
[12:46am] Naomii: [1:45:37 AM] Kuupai: Good fucking going
[12:47am] Naomii: And it all comes together in the end.
[12:47am] Naomii: The painful truth about some people...is that they just hate.
[12:47am] Naomii: Nothing you can do about it.
Naomii: All you can do is weather it and continue to try to find happiness in whatever way you can.
[12:47am] hotsauce2000: This is like an episode of Game of Thrones, only with less dicks and tits
rankendrake: I don't hate. I'm just confused. Is it because I don't watch Game of Thrones?
[12:48am] zhurai: haters gonna hate
[12:48am] Cybersteel: i beg to differ
[12:48am] Naomii: No amount of love can remove it from the darkness.
[12:48am] Naomii: All this time...and she went to TLwiki?
[12:48am] Naomii: I don't know what to say.
[12:48am] Naomii: Am I just a stupid bitch?
[12:48am] flamingspinach: who went to tlwiki?
[12:48am] Naomii: Am I not trying hard enough?
[12:49am] Kuu: Naomii it's not you
[12:49am] hayate135: Where there is light, there is darkness. It's like what Naomii says, it's up to us to find the light within our selves to counteract the darkness so we may achieve peace within outselves.
[12:49am] flamingspinach: Naomii: oh, are you thinking that when I said "someone from #fuwanovel" told us in #tlwiki that there was weird stuff happening in #fuwanovel, that I meant that person you banned earlier
[12:49am] flamingspinach: it wasn't her, for the record
[12:50am] Naomii: Well, at least she says as much.
[12:50am] hotsauce2000: Some people idle in both channels, so things will slip out, naturally
[12:50am] nayleen: You're trying too hard Naomi.
[12:50am] nayleen: ^
[12:50am] Wahfuu: correct
[12:50am] nayleen: this
[12:50am] flamingspinach: yeah
[12:50am] flamingspinach: I see at least 5 familiar names in the nick list here
[12:50am] Kuu: My thing is, what the fuck is everyone'sproblem
[12:50am] Naomii: Yeah, I know people who don't like us are here.
[12:50am] shcboomer: Quite possibly more than 5, at least a few of us idle on both channels... So nothing new in that regard.
[12:51am] Naomii: As long as they keep it to themselves, I don't care.
[12:51am] • zhurai yawns
[12:51am] rankendrake: I remember a sagematt being in here earlier. Is he from TLWiki? Cos I kinda remember that name from my early days in IRC
[12:51am] flamingspinach: people who are in both #tlwiki and #fuwanovel aren't necessarily #tlwiki spies lol
[12:51am] flamingspinach: they could be #fuwanovel spies in #tlwiki!
[12:51am] Kuu: It's all a bunch of Greater Internet Fuckward Theory
flamingspinach: rankendrake: yeah he is
[12:51am] zhurai: not like I'm really active on IRC for like 4-5 months anyways
[12:51am] hotsauce2000: Winter is coming...
[12:51am] rankendrake: I should probably say hi, although I doubt he remembers me.
[12:53am] Naomii: So:
[12:53am] Naomii: Drama is hereby over.
[12:53am] Naomii: Time to celebrate all Fuwanovel's recent success~! Good work to our friends~!
[12:53am] Naomii: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3GwjfUFyY6M

Lavi later went to #TLWiki to say hi. Not much happened except small conversations about what happened. There’s some great lines like:

Lavi_PC: wait
Lavi_PC: i had no interaction with aaeru
Lavi_PC: least of all killing her

To summarize that small conversation:

[01:03am] hayate135: i think everyones stunned at what transpired in general in the past hour rather than being receptive to any one thing here

And this happened:

Lavi_PC: this seems like quite the lively place
[01:09am] Raide: just recently
[01:10am] Memento_Mori: No, no. Not all the time
[01:10am] Lavi_PC: might I rest my wounded heart in your company?
[01:10am] katawaland: yes my lady
[01:10am] • katawaland *bows*

I seriously don’t know what just happened. And I’m the guy who recorded this log.


7 thoughts on “Oda Nobunaga and #Fuwanovel: A Play

  1. Pirate sites with porn games are serious business and should be treated seriously. And yet you all are laughing at them. This could made someone commit suicide. Even if you are cruel person and still want to keep post in this form then at least you should lessen emotional burden on delicate souls of Fuwanovel’s community members by adding some cute fanarts.

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