Kastel Mahjong Whatever: 1-4-7 and How 4 is a Dumb Number

Don’t discard 4s. 4 is bad. In Chinese and Japanese, 4 means death.

Not kidding here. Here’s why:

Hi, I’m Kastel. I’m dumb and don’t finish mahjong guides. I also don’t feel like screenshotting too. I just discarded a 4 bamboo. That means I can’t ron on 4 bamboo because that will be furiten. Well, everyone knows that. But here’s the catch: 1 and 7 bamboos are safe tiles. Under furiten rules, I won’t be able to chi nor complete 1-2-3, 2-3-4, 4-5-6, or 5-6-7. Because of 4 and furiten rules.

Remember: furiten applies because 4 connects all these sets. If you discard 4, you are immediately furiten for all these hands.

Fuck furiten.

2-5-8 and 3-6-9 work the same way too.

What happens if I discard a 1? Then, 1 and 4 are the safe tiles. 7 isn’t because it isn’t connected to 1.

But in that scenario, I could also finish 3-4-5 or 4-5-6. It won’t be affected by the furiten rule.

So this is a rule-of-thumb of course. One can use this knowledge to troll players. Consider discarding a 4 if you’re waiting for a 1 or 7 to pop up because you have one of those and you need it to complete the hand as a pair.

I also discourage readers and players to discard 4, 5, and 6 because they give out a lot of information to mahjong players. Generally, it means you won’t be using the suit of the discarded tile. As I’ve said, 4 is a flexible number and you can connect a good number of sets with it. Lousy discards like these tell too much about the player. Also, people tend to aim for 4s and 5s to complete your hand.┬áSo unless you have to, don’t discard 4!


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