I hate writing blog posts.

I’m just an ex-film student who is now writing terrible short fiction stories because I have to. Consuming mass media is my forte. Too bad it can’t be my job. I’ve seen galleries of paintings, theatrical performances, dance performances, concerts (classical, rock, and vocaloid), and a lot of other shit. Like everyone else, I’m often bored and need something to do.

Unsurprisingly, anime and visual novels are something I consume on a regular basis. I rarely write posts about anime; I find tweeting my opinions more easier. I use MAL sometimes, but it’s usually outdated. On the other hand, visual novels are longer so I have opinions that can’t fit in that small length of 140 characters. This blog is probably VN-oriented, but don’t be surprised if I randomly add an anime article now and then. Or mahjong. Or books.

My writing is considered playful. With sentence fragments — interrupted sentences included — and a whole lot of semicolons and colons: I want to challenge form and my limits as a writer. And I like to help clarify certain misconceptions and introduce people to things they’ve never heard about. I try my best to be different from other blogs that regurgitate the same content over and over again in the most boring fashion possible. That said, because I’m going for quality over quantity, I might not post for weeks or even months. I want my blog to have only the best content possible.

I also hate writing blog posts. It’s the most boring thing possible. And I think my writing sucks so whatever.

Since VN readers are often voracious readers, it shouldn’t be a surprise I read a lot too. The top three books that influenced my writing style are Virginia Woolf’s To the Lighthouse, Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita, and F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. Honorary mention: Thomas Hardy’s Jude the Obscure. I walk to my college reading a book while trying to avoid traffic. Don’t try this at home. I also sometimes review books, but I doubt this will be a recurring feature in the blog.

Feel free to poke me some questions.

On a sidenote, I wish I wrote this:


9 thoughts on “About

  1. When you mentioned “dramatical murder” on one of your posts (thoughts on becoming a fujoshi), i think you were confusing it with “diabolik lovers”

  2. I’m surprised. Do you not play Fate/Stay Night or is it another personal junk?
    I’m quite interested to hear your thoughts on them, that is all.
    Your Lily bias / Shiei no Sona-Nyl posts did some funny magic on me that I can’t help but to ponder of your next destination; err VN I mean.

    Anyway, I just discovered your blog and I must consent you had good taste in reading materials.

    • Wow, sorry for the late reply. I’m bad at this blogging thing, you see.

      I’ve never played Fate/stay Night, so I have no opinion whatsoever. I’ve only read Tsukihime and like most English-speaking nerds, I only read the awful translation. Tsukihime’s alright, I guess. I like sharks swallowing hotels. Sadly, I’m not too interested in the Nasuverse. Maybe if Moogy finds a way to murder me, I might consider reading it. It’s so low on my priorities I might as well not care about it.

      And thanks! I’m glad someone actually likes my blog posts. Since no one posts on them, I assume I’m the most narcissistic human being in the planet. I’ve finished SayoOshi and plan to write up on that in the year 2030. Currently reading Parfait and plan to read Eustia, then the Baldr Skies. I’m also reading some Japanese and English novels and short stories. Might talk about the Japanese ones since they’ve been interesting so far.

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